Friday, August 14, 2009


WatchMan (Is. 62)
by Terri Simmons

I, will exalt You
I will not be silent, I will not keep quiet
giving You everything
my heart, my ways, my eyes, my hands
I'll exalt You with
my speech, my time, my mind, my actions
its not about personal satisfaction
it's about my agenda being tossed
and answering Your call for the lost
its about You being pleased with me
In You, I will abide
I'll give You my devotion, my pride
my life, and all the stuff inside
I'll surrender my dreams for Your dreams
my goals for obedience, Lord I'm here
I'm here to intercede and watch for Your coming
never slumbering, never ceasing, never stopping
on the frontline
keeping the enemy from breaching
Your kingdom
I, will exalt You with
waiting on the wall, looking for You
standing where no one wants to stand
linked, hand and hand with my brothers and sisters in the faith
alert and listening for Your breath,
waiting for a hint and waiting to be sent
a prayer warrior called for battle
rattle me with Your words, pursue me with Your message
and then I'll take the passage less traveled
taking no rest for myself and accepting it as wealth
when Your kingdom is glorified
and if You were to change my name
change it to Watchman because I want to be first
I thirst to be used by You
to be called by You, to take the truth and share it
to represent the truth and wear it
to not only speak Your cross but bare it
use me to sound the alarm
use me, like a lighthouse in a sea of darkness
and I will raise a banner for the nations
a Watchman on the wall

*something i wrote and performed for a young adult conference called Tidewater I-62 "awakening a student prayer movement" (based on Is. 62)

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