Saturday, October 30, 2010

terrilashae photography: jonathan & amber

Here are a few teasers from Jonathan & Amber's wedding. I LOVED shooting this couple! They are wonderful together and I am beyond honored that they let me be a part of their beautiful wedding day! More of their wedding photos will be posted to my website later this week. Smile!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Your Voice

Your voice is like thunder, You
hover above the sea, when
the waves of life crash and burn, You
rush to save me, your brush
artistically paints a picture of who You be
You are, the God of many waters, You are
powerful and holy, in Your temple, You are the flame
and everything screams "glory!" I will
worship You, I'll lift Your name high to see
'cause You have kept me alive when death pursued me, like an enemy
Your voice is, like Gatorade, when I am weak, You replenish me
Like sentences be, if I kept running, You're the period at the end of me
Your, voice scribbles on my heart, Your purposes and destiny, and I
won't bother to erase them, I'll embrace them like integrity
And I'll never be ashamed, to live for You whole-heartedly
I'll stand for You as a part of me, arms raised for the world to see
'cause you stood before creation, You like, existed invisibly
You spoke the earth into existence, then came here to die, physically
There's nothin' I can say or do, I'll just, keep your spirit alive in me
I'll declare Your promise, and live Your word, and
not keep you locked up in privacy
Like infancy, I'll raise my hands and offer my heart, completely
I'll stand

by me,

Monday, October 11, 2010

terrilashae photography: J & B Miller

Meet Jeremy & Bekah Miller. They let me use them as models for a photo shoot I recently finished for my website. If I had to describe Jeremy & Bekah in 3 words, I'd say: I. Love. Them.

They are an extraordinary couple, powerful musicians/speakers, fun and they love Jesus with everything they are. I met Jeremy & Bekah over a year ago, and I can honestly say, I feel like I've known them my entire life.

Jeremy is just cool. Period.

I've adopted Bekah as my younger sister -- she's a blessing to my life. What moves me about her, is her passion and heart for the Lord. She is a prayer WARRIOR, no doubt! She's sweet, fun and this girl can SANG!! Lol. I heart her.

Vous êtes la sœur, j'ai prié pour.

She's also a writer; here's her latest poem:

What do you do Lord, when you find yourself slowly slipping away?
When you are far from rebellion but still.. disengaged?
When You've tasted something good that You now ..waist?

What is it Lord that makes me content with less refusing to pursue the best? 
God, save me from this potential mess of being caught up in vanity...
Reminding myself of what i'm missing and just constantly listing all my lacks
Going without realizing that my gaze is drifting off you....I'm sorry.

Allow your hand to bless me with a heart that's devoted,
A gun fully loaded ready to shoot all intentions that would come cause division,
interfering with set decisions regarding my pursuit of you.
Oh that you would make me more tender, more sensitive, more alert
To the love you deserve. 
I will fight against complacency, seeking help in your divinity to be...
Always found....In Pursuit of You


I love how God keeps extending my family! J & B, thank you for letting me use you as models. I had a lot of fun with you! You're a gorgeous couple.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Tonight, I had the opportunity to share and perform a spoken word poem at a young women's conference called, DNA: Unveiling The Real Me. The theme was about removing the masks that so many of us carry because we don't want people to see our insecurities. it was amazing to see God's heart tonight as many of the girls removed masks and experienced a new freedom. It was a powerful night. 

Here's a copy of my poem.

by Me

I remember when I first put on this mask
I was, six-years-old… SIX… s-i-x
Then the next thing I remember is him forcing me to replace the
“i” in the word six with an “e.” I thought that I, couldn’t tell my mother
his, advances were undercover, ripped from me, was the true meaning of a lover
and who knew, that I would have to rediscover my, identity
and the sad thing is, this dude was kin to me, so
there went my view of family and my childhood read like a tragedy
this, grief that gripped my innocence callously, kept me from reaching out for help.
I. didn’t. even. Ask.
Instead, I learned at an early age to hide my suffering with a mask.

Humor became my mask of choice, it
Gave a voice to the pain I felt, the strain I felt as an adolescent - I was a funny kid.
I, hid because I felt unclean,
I, told jokes when I was scared
The, scars on my life were unseen
They were, open wounds that constantly flared
I, vowed to never show my pain,
It, became my mantra, I declared
The, mask I wore hid the shame
Of, the secret life that I would bare

Satan is the master of interference
He wants you to care more about your appearance, and less about
Jesus’ perseverance to set you free
See, with me –I wore all kinds of masks:
I wore the: “Hey everybody! I’ve got it all together mask.” Or the,
“I’m the life of the party or nothing’s wrong! Or don’t approach me” face – the, mask that would keep people outta my space
I pretended that my life was all-together, and every day I got better and better
at locking away my true self
The lie is, satan wants you to be anything other than who you were created to be
He wants you wrapped up in hiding your insecurity
And by wearing a mask, you consent – literally, to presenting a false picture for the world to see
Don’t. present. Yourself. falsely… it’s too costly.

Because no matter what you do,
God sees through the mask, right down to the “real you”.
He sees all the failures, mistakes and flaws
Then draws an “x” over it, canceling out those walls
then loves you completely and unconditionally,
with no pretense, because He’s serious about you.

I remember the day I removed my masks
I was tired of carrying it’s weight,
I just wanted to unveil the real me
I wanted an empty and clean slate
I was tired of being fake, and carrying these scars
I was ready to press the delete button,
Instead of holding on to the space bar

I began seeing through the Father’s eyes
Accepting who I am called to be
Now, I don’t hide my face
Through intimacy, I’ve learned transparency
And we, with unveiled faces, ALL reflect the Lord’s glory
Being transformed into His likeness by letting GO of our story

When Jesus looks at you, what will he see? Your mask or your heart?

Meet Anne Jackson

I had the privilege of traveling to Nashville, Tennessee to meet and interview Anne Jackson. She's not only an amazing person, she's compassionate, real and zealous about sharing the truth about Jesus and her testimony no matter how difficult it may be. Her heart is to see people set free. Love that! Here's the interview:

Also, check out Anne's new book, "Permission To Speak Freely." I promise it'll change your life.