Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm A New Fan!!

I am a new fan of BarlowGirl! I feel like I've been under a rock or something! I LOVE this group!

A girl at my church danced to this song this past Sunday, and I almost cried! It was so beautiful! So, I tracked it down so I could share it with you! Hope you enjoy!

BarlowGirl - Surrender

Found at bee mp3 search engine


Anonymous said...

Hahaha I looovvvveee BarlowGirl!!! I got their first album about 3 years ago and ever since bought all their other albums. Surrender is one of my faves. You might want to take a listen to their new cd Love & War, Sing Me a Love Song and Running Out of Time and Love is Marching are amazing songs! Love you, Terri! You are a blessing to me. Have one blessed week!!!!!

kristinadair said...

Ma'am please don't forget that you offered to give me all of these songs... I'm just sayin...


Precious Gems said...

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