Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just Because

Today, I experienced you from above. Your palette of color speaking to me like instructions on how to understand beauty. What a realm you dwell in going beyond what my eyes can see - understand. You are still speaking as I watch the eye of our earthly light fall behind pillows of peace... I feel peace; inhaling the breath you gave, give me. Besides being the architect of my mind, Your grandeur astounds even the most genius of thoughts - under construction. When I get lost in You, I am truly found. No GPS, just Your direction. Just, Your perfection; just, Your words. Cover me. They, uncover me; they discover me. You are a lover to me, beyond my scars and weight and heavi-ness. You are the steadi-est person, thing, being in my life. It's, in You that I find my strength, my courage, my passion, my vision, my armor. You don't exist to harm or, to destroy or to belittle or to be a middle-man. You are thee man, existing to love us. Just, because.


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