Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Alone With You.

I took the day off of work today to lay in your presence. To be alone with you. I opened my bedroom window and felt your cool morning breeze beneath the gray sky. My blue sheer curtains blew with every breath you took. In that, you teach me how to breathe. You teach me to rest in you with unconditional faith. My tongue within me burns with your language - uttering psalm to your kingdom. Alone with you. Bless my enemies, father. Comfort them, soften and change their hearts. Be a light amongst the darkness. Send me as an example of your love. Your love is great. Your love is forgiving. Your love is perfect. It never fails. Fear diminishes in light of your love. Intimidation is devoured in light of your love. God, you're an awesome God. You reign from heaven above - with wisdom, power and love. God, you're an awesome God. Thank you for being a spring of life to dry bones. Thank you for speaking hope to my spirit when others doubt my countenance. Thank you for being an unconditional friend because there is fault in me. Thank you for your grace because I've been here before. Lord, give me the desires of my heart if it be your will. I will serve you all the days of my life. As for me and my house, my thoughts and my actions, we will serve and represent. You.

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Lighthouse Prayer Line said...

Great post, Terri.

If you get the opportunity, please pray for the prayer requests on our main page.

Keep looking to Jesus!

Mark Seay