Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Psalm

you make the sky bloom with your reflection. you stand wide in my life above all others. you, Great Jehovah, king of glory. only you write the pages of this story. only you restore this breech, the core of me. in loving me, you made me lovable. there's nothing left to say but holy. holy are you God. holy are you, Lord. holy are you in battle, and holy are you with the sword. it's evident, you're holy. you're worship. you're righteousness. you're powerful. you're magnificent. you're gracious. you're safe. you're fragrance. you're music. you're melody. you're the beat. you are Him. Jehovah. The Great.


Anonymous said...

Whoa! That's really good!!! Thanks for sharing that! be blessed!

Kari said...

Just found your blog recently and am enjoying it. I love this post. :)

Leslie said...

That's beautiful. I too love writing poetry to the Love of my life! :) Hey, I raised the $ for my trip! I'd love to support your mission trip if you can express a way for me to do so! I love you Sis in Christ! Be blessed!!!

-Leslie K.