Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I love silence. There's something refreshing about being silent. It's like a renewal, or, like taking in a deep breath and then exhaling after a strenuous day. Silence: absence of sound or noise; still; absence of concern, or my favorite, to put (doubts, fears, etc.) to rest; quiet.

God, I feel safe when I'm silent. No more giants hindering me, my mind. I find safety in your silence, your words. I see but don't have to hear because you've imprinted them on my heart. Yes, you are always speaking. and I am always listening, hearing. teach me to hear your silence. it's all consuming, it's wind, it's fire, it's rain, it's spring, it's season and reason and wisdom and faith and love and peace and pure and holy: silence. When I am lost, I take the path less noisy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Terri,

It's Crystal. Just wanted let you know I'm still alive and thinking about you. Keep me in your prayers..

Crystal Louise Jankins :-)

Terri said...

Crystal! Thanks for stopping by! I'll call ya soon! :)

Anonymous said...

Cool. I await your call :-)

Hugs and blessings,