Friday, May 15, 2009

Whom Love Pursued

I was cleaning around the house this afternoon and came across an old spoken word piece I shared at a women's retreat on the beach about a year ago. At this retreat, I was asked to speak and share my testimony, and this is what I shared before I spoke to the women about the God in me. I totally forgot about this and am glad I found it. Enjoy...

"Whom Love Pursued"

she, sits in distress, concerned and under arrest
she, sits in her pretty pink dress
afraid to tell her mom because she'd make a mess
of things
she's six and he, he cornered her
she's not even old enough to write legible
his, decibels rang in her ears - "touch it!"
she sits in distress, concerned and under arrest
her heart beats out of her chest
she's too young to be shaken from the nest
but satan's jest was to destroy her

her shackles grew stronger with age, she's enraged at the world
every night, curled, into the fetal position
her life transitions inexplicably
see, she be that girl with the absentee father and abused mother
satan's plan - to scorn her identity
"you're nothing!" he says. "you're worthless!" he clouts.
"people will think your crazy!" he laughs. "there's no God." he shouts

she loses herself sometimes - with pen and paper and words
because her journal was the only thing that understood
her adjectives, her nouns, her verbs

she posts a do-not-disturb sign on her heart
but, love knocks anyway
it pursued her without fail
it even showed her the blood on the nail it endured
this pursuit made her blush
her, deep cocoa skin turning pale
she received a letter from this love in the mail
addressed to: intimacy

what is this love? she thought
don't you know she's on the run?
do you really want one raped and abused?
confused and holding a loaded gun?

this loves pursuit grew stronger and stronger
she, could not resist it any longer
and when her spirit was limp from wailing and crying
she gave in to this love and committed to dying
every day, even... and now
her testimony is a testament
of this love she found years ago

no more bondage and no more chains
no more denying that Jesus Christ reigns
no more sexual abuse, no more addiction
no more mental handicap, no more affliction
no more negative words, no more trilogy
of generation after generation after generation
of not being what God called to be
more faith, more anointing, more fire
more passion, more pursuit of His desire
more prayer, more intercession, a deeper level of more
more Holy Spirit power from head to the floor
taking territory for His glory in war

that girl who was abused and raped
is walking in power, free.
that girl whom love pursued
was me.


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