Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Morning Poem


you are like morning
a countless detail in the thread of life
somewhere between mediocre and magnificent is you
a breath of fresh air during sunrise
a reminder of that same air at dusk

you are like morning
new and clear in your convictions
there are no restrictions about who you are

the essence of your character is
like a fresh, blue wind
blue, because you’re royal
blue, because you’re loyal
blue, because your words are baby powder fresh
yes, you are like morning

you, are forever
like the smell of fresh rain
on a cloudy day
like, the ebullient heat from
a sun’s ray

and if you ever feel slightly fatigued
don’t worry, God will be with you
just follow and He'll lead
He’ll replenish your cup and
brush off your knees, He’ll lift you up
above roaring seas – because you are

thank you for dipping into wisdom’s pool
touching the humble hearts of many

thank you for representing our God
with your adjectives because it is clear
that God is a verb, in you

thank you for giving, for listening, for praying,
for laughing, for loving

thank you for being a friend,
dear, morning.

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