Monday, October 11, 2010

terrilashae photography: J & B Miller

Meet Jeremy & Bekah Miller. They let me use them as models for a photo shoot I recently finished for my website. If I had to describe Jeremy & Bekah in 3 words, I'd say: I. Love. Them.

They are an extraordinary couple, powerful musicians/speakers, fun and they love Jesus with everything they are. I met Jeremy & Bekah over a year ago, and I can honestly say, I feel like I've known them my entire life.

Jeremy is just cool. Period.

I've adopted Bekah as my younger sister -- she's a blessing to my life. What moves me about her, is her passion and heart for the Lord. She is a prayer WARRIOR, no doubt! She's sweet, fun and this girl can SANG!! Lol. I heart her.

Vous êtes la sœur, j'ai prié pour.

She's also a writer; here's her latest poem:

What do you do Lord, when you find yourself slowly slipping away?
When you are far from rebellion but still.. disengaged?
When You've tasted something good that You now ..waist?

What is it Lord that makes me content with less refusing to pursue the best? 
God, save me from this potential mess of being caught up in vanity...
Reminding myself of what i'm missing and just constantly listing all my lacks
Going without realizing that my gaze is drifting off you....I'm sorry.

Allow your hand to bless me with a heart that's devoted,
A gun fully loaded ready to shoot all intentions that would come cause division,
interfering with set decisions regarding my pursuit of you.
Oh that you would make me more tender, more sensitive, more alert
To the love you deserve. 
I will fight against complacency, seeking help in your divinity to be...
Always found....In Pursuit of You


I love how God keeps extending my family! J & B, thank you for letting me use you as models. I had a lot of fun with you! You're a gorgeous couple.

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jennifer said...

You captured them beautifully. Great pics. It doesn't hurt that Rebekah is devastatingly gorgeous both inside and out.