Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Your Voice

Your voice is like thunder, You
hover above the sea, when
the waves of life crash and burn, You
rush to save me, your brush
artistically paints a picture of who You be
You are, the God of many waters, You are
powerful and holy, in Your temple, You are the flame
and everything screams "glory!" I will
worship You, I'll lift Your name high to see
'cause You have kept me alive when death pursued me, like an enemy
Your voice is, like Gatorade, when I am weak, You replenish me
Like sentences be, if I kept running, You're the period at the end of me
Your, voice scribbles on my heart, Your purposes and destiny, and I
won't bother to erase them, I'll embrace them like integrity
And I'll never be ashamed, to live for You whole-heartedly
I'll stand for You as a part of me, arms raised for the world to see
'cause you stood before creation, You like, existed invisibly
You spoke the earth into existence, then came here to die, physically
There's nothin' I can say or do, I'll just, keep your spirit alive in me
I'll declare Your promise, and live Your word, and
not keep you locked up in privacy
Like infancy, I'll raise my hands and offer my heart, completely
I'll stand

by me,

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