Friday, January 21, 2011

AWAKE 1/20/11

the latest poem I write for awake. i'll try to post them each week. 

"Psalm 23:1-3"
by Terri

I used to, roam around in the dark – somewhere between lukewarm and broken words…
I met him one day, listening to him whisper lies into the core of my rib cage
He, kept me engaged on the lies he fed my ears
He was a murderer. A liar of all liars and an enemy to my soul
And the longer i listened to him, the quicker my heart turned to coal, and i began to lose connection with god.
The enemy tried to trap me. I had too much flesh in my system
I couldn’t praise god with my hands even if i wanted to lifte’m
I had no vision. And i was, tired of listening to religion…
I had, deep incisions and i couldn’t see – the filthy life the enemy had for me
I was, strung out on the promises of satan’s deception –
Back-sliding, even though my adolescence was brought up in church…
I thought i was so well-hidden and so well covered that even the finest detectives couldn’t search, me out
I was lured away from my shepherds protection, just enough so the enemy could infect me with his infections
My lips would say, “lord, here’s true repentance,” …but my heart wasn’t feelin’ it
I just kept playin’ game after game and spade after spade until my hands got tired of dealin’ it…
Satan is deceitfully wicked and he wanted me to believe that god never cared
He wanted me to love rejection and to love pain and to live a life scarred and scared
My heart flared up, and i had no clue i was hiding behind liberty
I had no clue i was deceived in this mind that he’d given me
But god, he stood in front of me, and placed my pain on a rock
He took control of a life lost at sea, and brought that ship to the dock
And he restores my soul…
He brings me back from a life of destruction and converts my soul from sin
He rose again, so that i could have newness of life
When my, bones are weary from fainting and ready to die away – he relieves me and refreshes me and comforts me
He restores my soul with new discoveries of his love
With, the promises of his word
With, the peace of his spirit…
He leads me in the paths of righteousness
And though that path may seem rough and rugged to sheep
i’m quick to examine my heart with whatever he’s deciding
I’m quick to give up what i’m believing and start confiding, in him
His paths are not crooked, his roots run deep… deep, deep, so deep
His word is forever etched through the core of my iris
Freeing me from chains and bondage, like paul and silas
Cause, there’s…
No amount of filthiness that’s too dirty
There’s nothing you can do to change his love
there’s nothing you can do to change his gaze
Because no matter what we do, he still gets the praise…

Let your tongue forever bless and glorify his name
Let your life forever increase his reputation and fame

With god, it’s not just about making you clean, its about moving you forward

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