Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday Poem

The road seemed endless, dusty--cranky. The words in my heart are saturated with the emotions that once flooded my mind. You've taken away my love's, my thoughts, my insecurities, my hurts, pains, worries, doubts and shame...And filled me with you--more of you.

even as a child, i heard you call me. like a bird with no destination, you free me. where would I be if your grace didn't chase me. if your love didn't embrace me. you've caused me to change my world view. to find significance in the gift of life. like a dancer in the rain, you cover me. you've brought me to a place of peace--and given me wings to fly. what a wonderful journey.

Lord, be my morning, my night, my breath, my sight, my vision, my choice, my strength, my voice, I need you to by my soul, my ear, my heart, my tear, my love, my words, my whisper, my verbs, I need you to be my thread, my truth, friend, my proof, proverb, my psalm, humility, my calm, I need you to be my mercy, my confidence, my beauty, my common sense, my flaw, my me, my life, my free.

i love you. let your heart beat within me. draw near so I can adore you. teach me obedience so I can prosper. Cause my face to shine as I cling to your life and your words. I arrest my will to radiate your deepest beauty, your thoughts and your life.

God, my soul screams out for the spirit and truth of your dwelling place. Ignite my heart and create a life of worship. I want what you desire in me. What matters is my ability to hear you in silence. I'm standing before you, speechless, with no great thing to say. And in my brokenness, teach me.


Ami said...

AMEN! Terri your stuff is beautiful! Oh I love you!

Anonymous said...

Hey, you came to The Basement didn't you? Your blog is cool! be blessed!