Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday Psalm

When I am at my worst, You are at Your best. And when I am at my best, You are still yet marvelous, glorious and spectacular. When I feel helpless in this life, You change my circumstance. When I am low, Oh Lord, and alone, You are there to be a friend comforting every need. When negative thoughts captivate me, You swoop in and swoon me. You cover me. You battle for me. You love me. When my path is broken, You fix my lips to reconstruct its nature - my nature. When my best friends and family abandon me and who I've become, you welcome me into Your family. At my lows and at my highs, I will praise You still. I will murder my flesh to cry out like the rocks cry out every day. You make my life complete. You are all that I need. You are my everything. All of life is about You. Your goodness overshadows me. You're everything I breathe. And now I know my heart beats for you. You make me feel loved, surrounded and special. I have dedicated my life to You. I live to make You known. The joy you bring has wiped my tears away. And in the end, You're all I want to be. Selah.

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Anonymous said...

Hi i don't speak english, well a little, I'm from Peru, this is Tavo, your brother, I folow to Jesus too. it's great.
God bless you.
Que Jesus te bendiga un Montón. espero que siga escribiendo, bueno soy estudiante de periodismo y estoy navegando por lo blogs y me encontré con el suyo. Cuidese, está muy bonito su Blog.
Your blog is the Best