Tuesday, April 14, 2009


...something i wrote and performed for the young adult ministry at my church.


us oh God and enlarge our tents

Holy is your name above the firmament
Awaken us oh God and pour out your fire
Burn within us your purpose and desire
Awaken us oh Lord and loose life’s chains
Burn the core of me so only YOU remain
You rule the swelling of the sea when it waves over me
Keeping my spirit, soul and mind where it needs to be
All wrapped up in your identity
Awaken your truth, and shake us with your testaments
We’re walking out of darkness and conquering all pestilence
And, awaken those of us who may be sleeping
And reaping the consequences…
Keep teaching us your purpose
Keep feeding us your bread
Dramatically and radically change our lives
Do exactly what you’ve said
Awaken my soul – strengthen your spirit within me
Awaken your song – wherever your praise is needed, Lord send me
And, awake us to repentance
Your mercy saving us from death’s sentence
You are Awesome, You are Mighty, You are Praise
You are Worship, You are Love, You are Hal-le-lujah
You aren’t anything less – but righteousness
Awaken us to a life of passion

by me,

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