Thursday, April 16, 2009

Go. I Dare You.

i had a meeting with myself and a counseling session with God. by the time i finished, this is what i got.

right now, your heart's racing, pulsating through your chest. you can feel your adrenaline kick in every time you think about it. run. it brings you to tears. cry. until you can't anymore. then, when you're ready: jump. give your life away. get out of the driver's seat. love. forgive. live inside out. share the testimony. put your confidence in Him. move. say it. be it. do it. write it. sing it. create it. build it. buy it. drive there. be there. publish it. change addresses. go to that country. ask it. pray it. journal it. walk it out. run that marathon. lose the weight. meet the challenge. lead. venture out. speak. plan it.

go. i dare you.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

bbaaahhhhh I LOVE IT! sounds like Papa is intensifying the dreams He's planted in your heart... the baby is coming closer and closer to delivery... and now you've gotta do your part to push.
... PRAISE 'EM! ;)

btw, don't you ever stop writing... you inspire more than you KNOW!