Friday, April 10, 2009


I've been listening to the same song for about two hours now; a worship song called "Take Me"by my new favorite band Worth Dying For. This song is so good... caused me to reflect on how much I LOVE JESUS. The thought makes my heart burn and want to jump out of my chest - to the point of tears. Yeah, that much.

it wants to mirror you, reflect the light cast from your being
it wants to follow you, be the object your eyes are seeing
its broken and totally in love with you
it once was old and now its new
its emptied of itself because it chooses to be
its awakened, longing and yearning for your eternity
it doesn't want anything left but the certainty
that everything it does is for your glory, praise brought to your name
its a new heart and its never the same

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Jundy Bautista said...

great post. "Take Me" is really good. I also really like the acoustic version of "At Your Cross". Have a Happy Easter Sunday! :-D