Monday, April 27, 2009

god of the coffee bean

Saturday, I was 1 of 3 featured performers for an Arts Cafe' Jazz series night in Virginia Beach. The night was amazing! Below is one of the spoken word pieces I wrote and performed called, "Starbux." I had a lot of fun with this one, and I just wanted to share... Enjoy!


6am, and I am in search of you
mouth dry, heart pounding - sounding like a drumline
I make a b-line like a tornado towards the kitchen

I pull out the canister, hyped about smelling your roasted flavor
ready to savor what I'm addicted to e-v-e-r-y morning

But, wait! Somethings not right!
The coffee canister is empty - but I thought I filled it last night!
I'm a 6am-early morning-coffee-drama-queen
The worst I've seen, and now this drama is about to lose its star actress
and so, I leave the kitchen and put on my best dress
I hop in my car ready to express - my love to Starbux
And to my surprise, the Starbux 'open' sign beamed brighter than the McArches across the street
Oh! I could not wait to jump out of my car
The, pitter-patter of little feet
Ready to meet, my first cup of the day
I, rush inside all starry-eyed, staring at the menu
"Oh, what to do! Oh what to do!" I exclaimed
Giving Starbux way too much fame
Jumping up and down, worshiping the name of "the god of the coffee bean"
Doesn't matter if its Seattle Coffee, Starbux or Gloria Jean
I was making one, big, hug, unbelievably embarrassing scene - right there in Starbux
Good morning...
6 am, and I am desperate, hungry and in search of You
Mouth dry, heart pounding, sounding like a drumline
I, make a b-line like a tornado towards Your word
I pull out my Bible - hyped about giving You glory
Couldn't wait to wake up this morning to read and study your story
I'm addicted to You
I, need Your spirit in my blood stream
No, early morning haettas - no Starbux or Gloria Jean
No fits and rants about coffee - no feining for the caffeine
You mean more to me than an early morning drip from "the god of the coffee bean"
Because, if I can wake up early to get my coffee
surely, I can wake up early to worship You
I can put on my best dress for you
I can exclaim your name and get hyped about your fame
I can jump up and down and worship the giver and not the gift
and surely, I mean surely... even if I wake up late
I'm almost positive that "the god of the coffee bean" and even Starbux, can wait.
Good morning.


Leslie said...

I like! I like! That was really up-beat. Share more of your spoken word! Maybe one day, I'll sure mine. MAYBE. :)

Terri said...

Thanks, Leslie! I'll post more of my work, soon! I'm looking forward to reading yours!!!!